Sohangi is a student of class XI at La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow, reading English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Art. An enthusiastic artist, Sohangi has always secured prizes in the name of the school. Whether it is by participating in an art competition or another inter-school event, Sohangi is always the greatest resource. She has participated and often won laurels at national and international level competitions. Sohangi often makes us proud with her brilliance in academics. She handles both the co-curricular and academic stress in a top notch manner, and you will never see her or the people in her surroundings downcast. She uplifts everyone with her cheerful and sunny nature. Sohangi truly enjoys decoding mysteries. In her free time, she can be seen poring over articles of new and unknown peculiar adventures that have been shrouded in the dark.
Sohangi aims at pursuing a career in design and is always seen striving hard to change the way society views women.



Nainvi is a student of class XI, reading English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science at La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow. Having been a music aficionado since childhood, Nainvi plays the guitar with absolute efficiency and is also a part of the Senior School Choir, often seen as the lead vocalist during the Annual Concerts organised by the college. She has also represented the college numerous times as a part of the college band at multiple Inter School Competitions and has brought home a myriad of awards and laurels for the same. In her free time, you can find her with several sketch pens and paper penning down beautiful calligraphy- a hobby she picked up in Middle School- whilst her favourite music plays in the background. Nainvi also runs a social media page where she features her calligraphy and song covers weekly. Being an avid reader, her nose is usually buried in contemporary novels, her favourite authors being John Green and Jandy Nelson.
Over the years, Nainvi has developed a keen interest in arts and architecture and she thus plans on working on her curiosity and pursue architecture in the near future.



Meenal is a student in class XI, at La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow, reading English, Psychology, Art, History and Political Science.
Being a prolific writer, she continues to amaze her peers with her thought-provoking poetry and articles. She also runs a personal blog where she often pens down her thoughts. She takes a keen interest in Art, and one can often find her engrossed in sketching or painting. Many of her paintings have been published in the college magazine. She has won many accolades for her art pieces on the national level. She never fails to win the school prize for art every year. Meenal is also an excellent public speaker and her skills have paved the way for her in winning numerous awards at many Model UN conferences. She has represented her school at various competitions.
Despite her hectic extracurricular schedule, she continues to be academically inclined. She wishes to pursue her post-graduation abroad and aspires to make a mark for herself in the field of liberal arts. With a plethora of talent at hand, one can seldom find something that Meenal cannot do.



Shreshtha is a student of class XI, reading English, History, Political Science, Economics and Art at La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow. Having been enthusiastic about art ever since she could hold a pencil, Shreshtha started a social media page dedicated to art. Her sketches were featured in her schools calendar two years consecutively while also being published by various art pages on many social media platforms. Shreshtha has represented her school in numerous national and state level art competitions. Besides being a talented artist, she has always empathised with women who have been persecuted by society and is a part of an NGO presided by her mother. She often utilizes her time by imparting basic education to the less privileged and has recently taken initiative to sell her art and raise funds to help the unfortunate in these trying times. She works hard to pursue designing in the near future and strives hard to make the world a better place.



Sukanya is a student of class XI at La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow, reading English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology.
Being an avid reader has helped her develop sterling writing skills. Her written pieces have been published in the college magazine at numerous instances. She is a trained rifle shooter at the national level, and has won many awards for it. She also serves as an active member of the "The Inquisitive Spirit" - the Science Club and the Model UN club at her school. She has attended numerous conferences as a delegate, where she has won several accolades. In her free time, Sukanya can be seen either reading a fantasy novel, or making her friends laugh with her witty remarks. Sukanya often takes part in co-curricular activities, and continues to astound us with her performances on stage, both in dramatics and music competitions. She possesses great singing and acting skills, and is a talented pianist.
With a plethora of talents, she continues to be one of the rank holders and aspires to study psychology in the future.