It all starts in a jest, 

When you feel that serious touch on your chest;

And by the time you understand

Your mother tells you, that your family knows that man. 

'Girls are supposed to be careful,' 

Are the words in your mother's mouth

The solution to such problems

No one tries to seek out. 

The culprit is that man

Whom you have thought to be,

Your friend, your cousin, your saviour,

Your so-called "brother" indeed. 

'Girls are supposed to be careful', 

You are taught this-- right from your first breath, 

But the boys who are growing with you, are 

Exempted from such rules instead. 

Stay quiet, forget everything, stay indoors,

Just pretend as if nothing has happened at all. 

You are expected to show such behaviour

So that your family is not riddled with shame

But, has someone thought about that poor soul

Which goes through the terror, fright, and pain?

'Girls are supposed to be careful', 

Are the old aged thoughts of the society

But somewhere, they are also not to be blamed, 

as these are the principles of toxic male superiority.

Girls are not objects

Why don't people understand?

Give us a chance, I swear we'll prove to you, 

That a woman is no less than a man. 

The society would have been different, 

The girls would have felt safe,

If the mothers, instead of teaching their daughters to be careful,

Would have taught their sons to BEHAVE.

- Areesha Ahmad 

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