If Modern Feminism Is A Hoax

First things first, what exactly is Feminism?

“Feminism is a range of social, political movements and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, and social equality of all sexes.” 

Nothing more, nothing less.

You really need to understand that this movement has been relevant for decades and was first started in the 19th century to help women get on the platform and status quo which was equal to that of men: that is why it has the syllable FEM in it.

The syllable FEM does not indicate the right of supremacy of females over the other sexes just like the word “mankind” does not pertain to the existence of only men in the society.

People often take the word “feminism” out of context and confuse it with ideologies like misandry i.e. “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men”. I stand against misandry as much as I stand against violence based on gender identities.

The point of feminism is not rebellious women parading in the streets demanding supremacy over their male counterparts; its goal is to advocate and create an equal society for all the sexes and genders that exist.

Rapes, assaults, or other kinds of violence against any gender are wrong. I talk about violence against men just as much as I talk about violence against women/other genders, but isn't it true that the only time non - feminists talk about male assaults is when we speak up about rape and assaults against womxn?

Everybody needs to understand that the sufferings of one gender do not overpower or diminish the sufferings of the other.

People have said that the feminist movement has created a division between genders. Let me be very clear, the atrocities against women and the poor accountability of guilty men have been prevalent in this world for ages, and the only goal of feminism is to create awareness about these horrors: if that seems like a gender divide to you, then you have failed to understand the depth of the very matter.

Feminism did not create the division.

Feminism is the acknowledgment and criticism of this division.

I contempt misandry and pseudo feminism (which many people confuse to be feminism) because it leads to fake rape and sexual assault charges, domestic violence charges and conviction of innocent men - but the solution to these issues is not ignoring or demeaning the cries of millions who go through these horrors and fight against them. The solution is to build up such a strong judicial system that handles wrongful convictions just as strictly as they handle real and legible cases. 

You cannot blame feminists fighting for their cases just because the judicial system has failed us miserably. 

I want to be the voice of the millions of women, men, and others in rural and secluded areas who go through untold miseries, who aren’t privileged enough to go out to seek help, let alone the networking platform.

I want to help these people when I am privileged enough to fight for basic human rights: this is what the concept of feminism has taught me - not to hate and demean men.

Don’t demean my beliefs to suit your ignorant cause.

Respect women not because we are women, respect us despite that. Respect people regardless of their gender.

And the next time someone asks you if you’re a feminist, say yes.


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