Met a companion the other day,

Who is very close to my joyous heart,

If I could describe her as I may, 

I'd say our personas were miles apart. 

She is very 'anxious', 'lonely', and 'full of burden': 

Said she'd be more faithful in God  

If He was a better 'plastic surgeon'. 

She persuades her own self to drag out of bed;

Goodness Gracious! She is quite lazy! 

She prays to not be greeted by the voices in her head, 

Honestly, she whines about it like a little baby.

Once in class, she told the teacher

The matter concerning her mental bother, 

Ma'am said depression was just a bicker,

And then proceeded to taunt her.

Then all her classmates laughed,

And to be honest, I did too.

Though I overheard the sobs and wails among all the wagger, 

In my opinion, it wasn't so cruel.

She hesitates to open up about this, 

And retracts her viewpoints easily; 

For her, crying alone in a room is bliss, 

So she won't gain unconditional love out of sympathy.

I've mocked her probably a thousand times,  

And scornfully defined her boring personality as 'sore'. 

Sane people can guess in a second that her spirit is grimed, 

My friends and family hate her even more. 

As she returns home from school, 

After people laugh at her expense 

She wishes that she was one among us 'jewels' - 

Wasn't so worthless, so 'dumb', so dense! 

She despairingly walks to stand in front of the mirror,

And points out at all her flaws and where she falls short of perfection:

The image in her mind becomes even clearer, 

As I see my own reflection.

- Ishita Tewari

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